The Best Sleeping Positions and How They Will Improve Your Health

The Best Sleeping Positions and How They Will Improve Your Health

Most of us spend between 6 and 8 hours asleep every night, so it makes sense that the position we lie in during this period can have a big effect on our health. So which is the best to sleep in, and which ones should we try to avoid?

On Your Stomach

Believe it or not, this is the worst position to sleep in. Lying this way night after night can cause aches and pains as your spine is not in a natural position, and therefore stress is placed on joints and muscles. On a more cosmetic side, sleeping on your front can cause breasts to sag thanks to the pull of gravity, and is also not good for potential wrinkles thanks to the fabric of your pillow being against your face all night. The only redeeming factor for sleeping on your stomach is that it can decrease snoring!

On Your Side

Sleeping on your side is overall a pretty good position health-wise. It keeps your spine in a natural position which is great for preventing neck and back pain, and can also reduce acid reflux. This position is recommended for pregnant women as it increases blood flow to the womb, particularly if you lay on your left side. However, the cosmetic factors mentioned in the first position apply here too — it won’t do ageing skin or breasts any favours!

01Sleeping on your side

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The Fetal Position

Sleeping with your knees folded up all night can have a detrimental effect on your joints – particularly if you already suffer with arthritis or a bad back. This position is also not recommended as it prevents deep breathing. This is another one that can cause breasts to head south and wrinkles to appear a little sooner than you’d like! It is a good position for potential snorers though

On Your Back

This is by far the best position for most people to sleep in. It allows your head, neck and spine to be kept in a more natural position, reducing any potential joint pains for muscle aches. It can also decrease acid reflux and helps maintain perkier breasts as their weight is fully supported. Wrinkles aren’t a worry with this position as your face is not squashed into your pillow all night, though as anyone who has ever slept next to a snorer will probably already know, this is definitely the most likely to cause loud snoring and heavy breathing!