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HGH and Testosterone Combined Therapy

COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC has helped hundreds of male patients overcome the debilitating effects of low testosterone levels and achieve a renewed quality of life.

HGH and Testosterone Combined Therapy

Testosterone can be absorbed into the bloodstream utilizing topical based creams, injection, or pellet implants using 100 mg pellets. Our control blood testing shows that the pellet implant and injection delivery systems are superior to topical creams. At the COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC, our goal is to elevate our male patients total testosterone levels to 1200. This is the level healthy males have when they are in their twenties

Testosterone is produced in the testicles of males. At the age of thirty the testosterone production begins to gradually decline. At middle age males have testosterone levels substantially lower than the levels they had in their twenties. These low levels manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms. Some of these symptoms are bouts of depression and declines in feeling happy about life, along with declines in energy, stamina, muscle mass and bone mass.

Our Human Growth Hormone is a bio–identical to the human growth hormone produced in our pituitary gland and has the exact same molecular structure as the human growth hormone circulating in our bodies.At the age of 25 our pituitary gland gradually begins to produce lower amounts of Human Growth hormone, by the time we reach middle age our Human Growth Hormone levels are less than half of what they were when were in our twenties. These lower levels manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms such as, looser skin, thinner skin, declines in metabolic rate, mental acuity, and bone mass. Our goal at The COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC is to elevate our patients IGF -1 factor to 350. This is the Human Growth Hormone levels we had in our early twenties.