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HGH and Testosterone Combined Therapy

COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC has helped hundreds of male patients overcome the debilitating effects of low testosterone levels and achieve a…

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Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT)

Testosterone replacement can lower the risks of high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, reduce probabilities of obesity, diabetes, and cardio vascular disease….

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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio – Identical hormone replacement is used to replace important hormones that regulate functions in our body that normally decline with age….

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HCG Weight Loss – Medical Treatment

HCG is a medically supervised program to weight-loss, that helps reduce the craving for food by making stored fat available for metabolism….

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Safe HGH Treatments with Certified Anti-aging Doctors

At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC our mission is to provide a cost effective, quality bio – identical HGH and testosterone replacement program under the care and supervision of licensed anti – aging physicians.

We offer top selling name brand HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone at prices much lower than what can be purchased at pharmacies in the USA.

Our large base of repeat patients allows us to buy leading brands of HGH at volume prices which we pass on to our HGH replacement patients.

Typical pharmacies in the USA sell HGH at prices averaging 40.00 USD per IU (international units). We offer the same name brand HGH at 20.00 USD per IU.

All our patients have our 20 panel blood tests prior to starting our HGH and testosterone replacement program. Periodic control blood tests are done to monitor our patient´s elevations.

Your assigned doctor will be in close contact with you monitoring your health and well – being.

Contact us now for a no cost executive summary about our HGH and testosterone replacement program.

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The medications we provide are produced in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Israel. At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC we also provide cosmetic treatments; generic BOTOX, Facial Filler, PRP Facial Rejuvenation, and a rapid weight loss program.

We offer our hormone replacement patients a nice discount on all our cosmetic services.