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Our services

COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC core service is hormone replacement. We provide human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone and estrogen.We raise the patients HGH, testosterone levels to levels that are normal for a healthy person in their mid-twenties.Prior to hormone replacement we do a medical evaluation and a panel blood test to determine our patients hormone levels and over all health and fitness condition.

The hormones are only administered after our medical staff determines that the patient is appropriate for the hormone replacement program.

We also arrange for our patients to meet with a professional nutritionist and exercise counselor to develop a healthy diet and exercise routine, so they can maximize the benefits for their increased levels of HGH, testosterone.

Currently there are four methods to deliver hormones into your body and blood stream

  1. Pills (oral)
  2. Creams (topical)
  3. Injections (intramuscular)
  4. Pellets (implants)

Hormone Delivery Systems

At the COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC we prefer the pellet implant method, due to the simplicity of the procedure and the amount of time the patients have elevated levels of hormones in their system. HGH is a large 191 amino acid protein, that can only be absorbed via injection or pellet implant.

This therapy is used by men and woman seeking the benefits of hormone replacement but want to avoid the risks and negative side effects of that can occur in pills
or creams. HGH, Testosterone, and Estradiol Pellet Therapy is 100 percent bio–identical. These Hormones are produced by the human body and derived from plant
– based ingredients. The pellet delivery system requires no daily injections or applications. The pellets gradually release the hormones into your system elevating
levels up to 12 weeks depending on the patients metabolisim.

Pellet Implant Procedure

Pellets are tiny cylinders approximately 5mm. long, that contain the hormone. The pellets are placed under the skin in the fat tissue where the hip and the buttocks meet. This is a painless procedure and takes five minutes.

After the implantation procedure, the pellets will slowly dissolve and be absorbed into the blood stream.

This provides a constant and consistent level of the hormone the patient has in their system.

This method prevents the daily peaks and valleys ( the roller coaster effect ) found with injections.

Injection System

We can supply vials of liquid HGH along with the appropriate injection system.

Our staff trains our patients to administer the safe and appropriate dosage of liquid HGH on their own. Some of our patients prefer this delivery system.

  • Storage:
    1. The medication should be stored in a cool dry area.The maximum temperature should be 77º F or 30º C, if this not possible store in the refrigerator.If you store the unmixed medication in the refrigerator remove it 30 minutes before mixing.
  • Your Kit, the kit has 4 components:
    1. A blue plastic cap
    2. A cartridge with anti bacterial water (1.73ml)
    3. A sterile plastic needle that that transfers the anti bacterial water to the vial containing the HGH powder.
    4. The small vial containing the HGH powder (8.8mg).
  • Mixing the medication:
    1. Place the kit on a flat surface, with the blue cap on top and the small HGH vial on the bottom. Gently press the blue cap down, releasing the antibacterial water
      thru the plastic needle into the small vial containing the HGH powder. When all the water has mixed with the powder, slowly twirl the kit, allowing the powder to dissolve completely.
    2. Turn the blue cap clock wise until you hear a “Click”, and you will see a green line lined up with the groove.
    3. 3. Hold the kit vertically with the blue cap facing down. Gently pull down the blue cap, transferring the HGH solution from the small vial to the longer cartridge.
      If you see any bubbles at the surface push the blue cap up until the bubbles disappear. Pull down to fill the cartridge with and the solution.
    4. Unscrew the blue cap until it completely falls out of the kit. Gently pull out the cartridge containing your fully mixed HGH liquid solution.
      Remove the adhesive label and note the date you mixed the medication.
      Put the medication in the refrigerator, put the dated label in a convenient location for you future reference.