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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Bio – Identical hormone replacement is used to replace important hormones that regulate functions in our body that normally decline with age. Bio – identical hormones have the same molecular structure of the hormones naturally produced in the human body.
  • BHRT treats the symptoms of menopause in females, low testosterone levels in males and low levels of human growth hormone in middle aged adults.
  • BHRT treatments are prescribed by a medical doctor after review and analysis of a comprehensive panel of blood tests. The hormones can be custom made at a compounding lab or massed produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.
  • BHRT restores or elevates the patients hormone levels to the level desired by the prescribing physician with the goal of alleviating unwanted symptoms of having a low level of a particular hormone such as estrogen or testosterone.
  • Bio – Identical hormones are made from plants such as yams or soy beans and then processed in a lab to achieve the same molecular structure of the hormone produced in the human body. Bio – Identical Hormones can also be produced using DNA technology.
  • Bio – Identical Hormones may be taken daily, weekly or on a cycle as prescribed by the medical doctor.
  • Bio – Identical Hormones can be absorbed into the blood stream orally, via injection, topical cream or using the pellet implant system. The molecular structure of the hormone will determine the best delivery system. Human growth hormone for example is too large a molecule to be taken orally or topically and must be injected or absorbed utilizing the pellet implant delivery system.