Help Prevent the Summer Breakout Blahs

Help Prevent the Summer Breakout Blahs

Our skin experiences transition during the summer months of the year. But there are a few steps that we can all take to help prevent summer breakout blahs.

Ahh…the joys of summer. The warm weather, the BBQ’s and picnics in the park, lazy days at the beach and OH NO…here comes those dreadful changes in our skin!Looking forward to the warmer weather is one thing, but we all know that with the great weather comes problematic skin for some of us.

Our skin definitely experiences a lot of transition during the summer months of the year, as this is the time to reintroduce a whole lot of substances that the skin may have been able to avoid during the colder months. Think sunscreens, bug sprays, salt water, chlorine and excessive sweating to name a few. But there are a few steps that we can all take to deal with these seasonal breakouts and skin sensitivities and, help prevent the summer breakout blahs.

Help Prevent the Summer Breakout Blahs


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Stay Hydrated

This is an oldie but goody and one that we all, men and women alike, need to pay attention to. Of course we want to keep our entire body hydrated during the summertime. Drinking plenty of water helps to replenish the water that we continuously lose, especially during the warmer weather. Just think about sweating for a moment. Dehydration can lead to a whole series of issues including fatigue, muscle cramping, headaches and certain skin issues. Unfortunately, the hot weather months can cause excess oil production for some. And this is not good. When our skin turns oily we tend to cleanse it more frequently and even turn to harsher ingredients in an attempt to decrease that oily looking shine. This behavior can strip our skin by removing the healthy, natural and quite necessary oils that we have. And, when this happens, we end up with skin that is dry, prone to breakouts and potentially quite irritated. If your skin seems to produce more oil then usual during the summer then it may be that it is dehydrated. So, drink plenty of fluids, wash your face in warm water every morning and every evening before bedtime. Choose a gentle cleanser formulated for normal to oily skin and be sure to apply your AM and PM moisturizers post cleansing and toning. And don’t forget about the importance of SPF during the summer. If your skin is exposed, it is prone to damage. Never leave home without it. HGH san francisco california.

Beware of Skin Irritating Germs

Of course germs and bacteria are problematic during the summer months. And now is the time to flip on our germ-a-phobe switch and take every precaution we possibly can to help banish the blemish. First and foremost – hands off! Resist the urge to touch your face. Wiping sweat from your brown, touching your skin and picking at a blemish can all make the problem much more serious then it needs to be. So don’t do it.

  • Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times to help destroy germs and bacteria. And remember to use it. If you shook someone’s hand, use it. If you touched a handrail, use it. If you just pumped gas, road your bike, pushed a shopping cart…use it! The constant transfer of germs and bacteria to your skin will only lead to trouble. Be conscientious.
  • Launder your sheets and pillowcases more frequently. Think about what is crawling around in your bed. Your linens are covered with dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat, traces of makeup, you name it. By changing your linens regularly you are removing all of that debris which has the potential to clog your skin and cause breakouts.
  • Never dry your face with your hand towel. Same rules apply. Change your hand towels frequently and don’t use on your face.
  • Be sure to change out of your workout clothes as soon as possible post workout. You don’t want to leave those sweaty garments on for long. Can you say BACNE?

Be Consistent with Your Skin Care Regimen

We may call them the “lazy days of summer” but when it comes to ending the summer breakout blahs, now is not the time to be lax. Stick with your normal skin care routine no matter what. Cleansers, toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF, scrub and mask are more important now than ever before. If you go to bed with the day’s perspiration left behind on your skin you will probably experience breakouts. Stay on top of your skin care needs and never go to bed without freshly cleansed and treated skin.

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Remember Your Hair!

With so much focus on the skin you just might forget about what is happening on top of your head. Your hair just may be the culprit causing those Summer Breakout Blahs. Think of your hair as a net that captures everything in its presence; bacteria, chlorine, salt, odors, oils… it’s all there. Unfortunately it doesn’t just stay there. It can quickly transfer to your skin if it is not properly cleansed and this can ultimately lead to breakouts. Be sure to keep your hair washed and conditioned and, if your hair is long, pull it back into a loose ponytail when you go to bed. This will hopefully keep it off of your face and stop the transfer of non “skin friendly” particles.

Body Beware

Breakouts don’t only happen on the face. The entire body is subject to blemishes and irritation if we aren’t cautious. To avoid unnecessary discomfort practice these few quick tips.

  • Keep your clothing loose fitting in the summertime. Clothing that is too tight can lead to chafing, rashes and red and irritated skin. Keep things breathable and loose to avoid discomfort.
  • Watch out for contact acne. Breakouts along your hairline, under work out clothes, headbands or even bra straps can be the result of sweat and bacteria mixed with a bit of friction. Keep your clothing clean!
  • Apply body lotion from head to toe within minutes of getting out of the shower while your skin is still damp for the best hydrating results.
  • Rinse off as soon as possible after swimming in a chlorinated pool or salty ocean
  • For body hair, keep razors fresh and sharp to avoid shaving irritations. Or better yet, look for a moisturizing depilatory cream instead. Apply a soothing aloe infused gel or lotion post shaving.
  • Exfoliate from head to toe to remove dead skin cells from the surface. The process of exfoliation can also help clean our pores from debris, which is only a good thing.

Let’s banish the Summers Breakout Blahs once and for all and practice these quick and easy tips to keep our skin looking healthy and feeling fabulous.