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Human’s lifespan

Aging is the gradual cumulative transformations that occur in the human body from birth to death. As human beings age various changes manifest themself physiologically, psychologically, and socially. As we age some things improve such as knowledge, wisdom and the ability to be self – sufficient and independent. Physiologically many things decline over time such as mental acuity, hand – eye coordination, strength, and the ability to run fast, to name a few. However, research has shown that people who adapt an antiaging life style incorporating hormone replacement, healthy nutrition, and a good exercise routine can consistently out perform their peers that do not adhere to the antiaging life style. Different cultures view aging from different vantage points. Some cultures revere their elders and place a high degree of importance in their opinions, acknowledge the wisdom and knowledge they have accumulated through their lives. Other cultures do not have the same respect for their elders. A child’s age is typically quantified in months while adult lives are measured in years.

A human beings life can be classified into various stages. Traditionally the life cycle of human being can be classified into eight different stages or milestones.

In most westernized countries eighteen signifies the onset of adult hood, while sixty – five delineates the beginning of old age.