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Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT)

Testosterone replacement can lower the risks of high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, reduce probabilities of obesity, diabetes, and cardio vascular disease.

Our goal is to improve the overall health and well–being of our patients. Growing older is inevitable but looking old is a decision.

Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. Low testosterone levels have a significant impact on a males health and well being. Testosterone is known as the “male“ hormone and through pre – puberty, puberty and adolescence dramatic increases in testosterone promote the formation of facial hair, pubic hair, chest hair, leg hair, the adams apple, deepening of the voice and fertility in males. Testosterone is necessary to maintain muscle mass. Testosterone maintains the “ maleness “ of men.

Testosterone production in the testicles begins to decline at the age of thirty in incremental amounts and by the time males reach forty the decline accelerates to a rate of 1.0 to 2.0 percent annually. Some males middle aged males have testosterone levels dramatically lower than their same age peers. Which can cause a variety of wanted symptoms. It is the philosophy of the COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC that all middle aged males can and should take advantage of our testosterone replacement services regardless if their levels are age normal or below normal.

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In the United State medical doctors usually go by a rule of thumb that low testosterone is when the total testosterone in the blood stream is 400 ng /dl or lower. At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC we feel all males at a level lower than 900 ng / dl are candidates for testosterone replacement and can benefit from the increased energy and stamina that testosterone provides. Males with low testosterone typically convey the following symptoms. Depression, low feeling of well – being. Declines in energy, stamina, sex drive, muscle mass and increased body fats levels.

A female’s menopause happens rather quickly with symptoms appearing dramatically allowing the female to detect the onset of menopause and arrange for appropriate treatments from her doctor. Male testosterone levels drop gradually over time and the symptoms appear gradually, so many males get used to low testosterone levels and begin to think their current state is normal. At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC we optimize our male patients testosterone levels to 1200 ng/ dl.

Some male patients may experience estrogen production which we treat with Arimedex. Also some male patients may experience testicular atrophy which is easily trated with an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone.

Patients with diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease usually have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels serve as a sign that the overall health of the males body is in decline. Based on DNA some males age faster than their peers.

In the United States medical doctors prescriptions for testosterone replacement have grown dramatically over the last ten years.

Unfortunately today in the United States many males with low testosterone levels are not being treated and are suffering needlessly.

At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC only a small percentage of males report no benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy can be negated by abusive consumption of alcohol, bad nutrition, recreational drug use and lack of physical activity.

At COSTA HGH & TESTOSTERONE CLINIC all patients are given a thorough medical exam, an extensive panel of blood tests prior to providing testosterone replacement. Patients with cancer, elevated red blood cell levels or a history of congestive heart failure should not embrace testosterone replacement therapy.

All middle aged males should embrace testosterone replacement therapy. Middle aged males that embrace testosterone replacement therapy have lower risk for fatty liver disease, cardio vascular disease, and diabetes.

Low testosterone levels usually are accompanied by a low sex drive, moments of depression, lethargy and lowered sense of feelings of well being. Many medical doctors will prescribe testosterone replacement to treat symptoms of a sexual dysfunction but will decline treatment for the other symptoms of low testosterone.

Testosterone replacement can lower the risk of high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, reduce the probability of obesity, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, liver disease and improve the BMI ( body mass index ).

Patients that combine testosterone replacement with human growth hormone replacement achieve the best results.

Anti – Aging is human growth hormone replacement plus testosterone replacement plus healthy nutrition plus a good exercise routine.

Secondary elements of a good antiaging program are moderate alcohol intake no smoking, an active sex life, adequate sleep and rest, engaging in intellectually stimulating activities, and meaningful social time with friends and family.