A balanced life is a beautiful life

A balanced life is a beautiful life

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Our lives can get incredibly busy, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take some time to focus on maintaining our beauty.

Between cooking, cleaning, homework, meetings and travel, we really have a lot going on, don’t we? There was a time when our roles in society were much more compartmentalized. But the walls and the roof on that compartment have been shattered, and we are all taking on much more than the generations who came before us. Finding that perfect balance between work and family has always been a bit of a challenge. And when we throw beauty into the mix, it can get more complex. But it’s a “look good, feel good” world and we all need a bit of papering, don’t we? Can we really balance beauty, family and work, or does something have to give?

Can we have it all and look good in the process? You bet we can.

If you’re like me, the first thing to go in the pursuit of a balanced life is ME. To even think about beauty just doesn’t seem right when we have bills to pay and lunches to pack. But there are some little changes we can all incorporate to help achieve and maintain that balance in life. After all, a well-balanced life is a beautiful life.

Here are few simple tips to consider, as we continue to burn that candle at both ends. I’m happy to try anything because, like most of you, I too want it all.

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Don’t Be a Control Freak

If you really want a more balanced life, you need to relinquish control. This is not easy for many people, because we tend to have an inner control freak that just won’t let go of the details. It’s perfectly OK to seek help in all areas of life. If you could free up just one or two days a week by joining a school or office car pool, think of the extra time you would have. Start a family chore list so everyone can be involved in helping run a balanced household. And when it comes to work, the greatest successes are those that come from a team. Not to sound completely cliché, but there is no I in TEAM. Balance out your schedule by simply asking for help. This will give you a little more time each week to focus on you.

Be In the Moment

Boy, oh boy, have I had to work at this one. Now that I’ve mastered it, I seem to be surrounded by those who are just never in the moment. I find it both sad and frustrating at the same time. Wherever you are is where you are, so be there. If you’re playing a game with your kids, have fun. Don’t be distracted by that load of laundry that needs to be done, or that presentation that needs fine-tuning. We all need to be in control of our random thoughts and keep focused on the task at hand. Forget about the past, don’t worry about tomorrow and enjoy today.

No time to play with the kids because you need to get in a healthy workout? No worries. Find an activity in which everyone can participate. It’s the age-old kill two birds with one stone theory. Take a brisk walk as a family. Get a group membership to your local gym. Take an early evening bike ride together. It can be done and it’ll be rewarding for everyone involved. And hey, in the name of beauty, try to schedule the kid’s hair cuts at the same time as yours so you can go together. It might not be the most relaxing experience for you, but at least getting a quick blowout is better then not getting a blowout at all. There’s nothing better than a healthy, balanced family.

Find Some “Me” Time

We definitely need some time to focus on ourselves. It’s the little pleasures in life that can really help balance us out. Take a few minutes to make a delicious and healthy nutritional shake in the morning, and sit down for a few minutes to enjoy it. You’ll take comfort in knowing you’re taking care of your body and your mind at the same time, by experiencing a simple moment of peace.

Jot down some “to do” items so you can continue to stay organized. Having the details in front of you will allow you to relax a bit and not worry over what needs to be done. It’s the power of the list, I’m telling you. A worry-free mind is a healthy and balanced mind. When you’re out of balance, everyone around you can sense it. You deserve some “Me” time, for sure. So, find the time for a pedicure, to read a book or soak in a nice bubble bath. Remember, it’s not selfish, it’s for the greater good of the family. As my husband always says, “Happy wife, happy life.”

Write It Down

I have officially turned into my Mom! She always writes things down in a notepad. It could be a grocery list, a guest list for a party or things to pack on her next adventure. The concept of the list has now become my saving grace.

Just by writing things down in a day planner or in a book helps to keep us organized and on track with all of the things we need to accomplish in a day. By having the ability to look ahead and see what days will be more challenging than others allows us to take a deep breath and focus. Organization is the key to balance and well-being. Pull together an all-encompassing family calendar to keep track of school recitals, soccer practice and dental appointments. And also invest in a cute little book for yourself. After all, this will be your greatest accessory, so it might as well look fabulous.

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Look Good – Feel Good

Even when time seems to be our most precious commodity, we need to focus on our beauty regimen. It may seem a bit selfish, but hey, when we look good, smell good and are dressed at our best, we are happier and exude more confidence. We don’t have to abandon our appearance just because we’re buried in work and family issues. The trick is, when time is of the essence, just keep it simple. Don’t abandon the notion all together. Just keep it simple. Busy morning? No problem, because you’ve already prepared for this just by glancing in your organized book, right? So, instead of racing through your morning showerless, take a few minutes before bed to soak in the tub or take your shower. You’ll have more time to enjoy it and give your body, hair and face the attention they deserve.

Invest in a skin care line featuring antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. When your skin looks healthy and glowing, you won’t need to bother with so much makeup. This will allow you to just swipe on a bit of mascara and lip-gloss, and you’re good to go with your healthy, youthful glow. No time for a mani and pedi? Usually this is the first to go, unfortunately. But rather than stress over chipped nail polish, find a gorgeous nude or neutral color that is chip free. Even if you do chip your nail, you’ll barely notice because the nude colors are great at camouflaging nail imperfections.

Lastly, if balancing family, work and beauty is important to us then let’s make it as stress-free as possible. Keep all of your beauty essentials handy at all times. Keep your hand lotion next to your sink so you can quickly apply it after you wash your hands. Keep one in your bag or next to your computer at work, as well. You can get a quick moisturizing in while reading your email. Keep your night cream on your nightstand so you never forget. And always have your favorite facial cleanser in your shower so you never have to resort to using bar soap on your face.

A balanced life really comes down to priorities and simplifying things so they work for you. We can have it all. We can burn our candle at both ends, and we can achieve a balanced existence. It just takes a bit of practice. And it’s important, because a balanced life is a beautiful life.