The Best Office Snacks for Dieters

The Best Office Snacks for Dieters

Between the pastries at the morning meetings and the junk food in the break room, the office can be a challenging place for people who are watching their weight. Set yourself up for snacking success by stocking up on these picks.

Sweet Swaps
Avoid the temptation of your coworker’s birthday cake (there’s always someone celebrating!) by keeping these sweet treats on hand.

Hard candies or lollipops: These are fantastic because they take a while to eat. Stash a few in your desk drawer for easy access. Tootsie Pops are a personal favorite, with only 60 calories a pop.

Snack bars: One of these will kick a craving for a candy bar right away. My go-to guidelines for selecting a snack bar: under 200 calories and packed with fiber and protein. The fiber and protein are what’ll make your snack filling.

01Fresh fruit

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Fresh fruit: We all know fruit is good for us, but did you know it can satisfy your sweet tooth? Try it and see. The natural sweetness will stave off a dessert craving. Fuji apples are great if you’re looking for a mix of sweet and tart (they’re only about 100 calories for a medium apple) and oranges are another sweet pick (they’re about 90 calories for a large one). Want to make that apple taste like apple pie? Slice it up, and sprinkle it with cinnamon!

Freeze-dried fruit: If regular fruit is a little too boring for you, reach for the freeze-dried version. Not to be confused with traditional dried fruit (like raisins and banana chips), this stuff is light and airy. Have around a cup for only 100 calories.

Dessert-flavored gum: Escape the office temptations by enjoying a piece of decadent-tasting sugar-free chewing gum. Extra Dessert Delights come in flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Mint Chocolate Chip… only 5 calories a stick!

Protein Picks
Breakfast is a distant memory and lunch is hours away but you’re in need of something satisfying.
Good news: Protein-rich snacks will get you over the hump.

Single-serve tuna pouches: Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking you can’t stick a fork in a packet of tuna at your desk. Tuna is a smart, packable lunch staple, especially when it’s already seasoned like StarKist Tuna Creations single-serve packets. They’re only 80 – 110 calories each, plus 14 – 19g protein.

Jerky: Once considered a boys-club snack, jerky is now almost as popular as Oreos. And beef isn’t your only option: There’s turkey jerky, chicken jerky, even soy jerky. Plus, jerky is really impressive in the stats department. It’s practically pure protein with very little fat. An ounce of jerky usually has 100 calories or less.
Have access to a fridge? Stock it with light string cheese, fat-free Greek yogurt, hard-boiled egg whites, and lean deli meat. Just scribble your initials on the package to keep these popular snacks safe!

Crunchy Eats
You’re not really hungry. You just need something to munch—make that crunch—on.

These finds will keep you away from the vending machine and its fatty snacks.

Baked or popped chips: The key here is portion control. Stock up on single-serving bags or portion them out yourself before you take them to the office. Popchips are my go-to.

Old London Melba Toasts and Melba Snacks: These crunchy crisps have made a serious comeback. If you have fridge access, smear them with some low-sugar jam or a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light cheese. Snack perfection.

Cut veggies: Vegetables are the ultimate crunchy snack. Baby carrots, celery, jicama sticks, and more have crunch and nutrition. Pair them with salsa for a dunking duo. No fridge? Bring a mini cooler or a lunch sack with an ice pack.

Popcorn: Have a microwave? Go for 94% fat-free popcorn. You can eat five cups for around 100 calories!