Your eyebrows express so much

Your eyebrows express so much

Your eyebrows say a lot about you and when it comes to caring for them, it’s all about enhancing their natural shape and keeping them well groomed. No matter what kind of natural eyebrow shape you have—thin and wispy, thick and bushy or anywhere in between––waxing, tweezing and threading will be part of your routine.

So, get ready to impress and express your beauty with this quick guide to achieve the perfect eyebrows.

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Know Your Eyebrow Shape

An esthetician can help you define and enhance your eyebrow shape. Then you can keep the shape up yourself in between appointments. Here are a few things to consider when shaping your eyebrows yourself:

– First things first, comb eyebrows straight up using a brow comb or brush so you can see where they may need to be filled in. Start combing from the front of the brow, near your nose, and work out towards the ends.

– Determine where your inner eyebrow starts. This can be done by holding a ruler vertical to your face and aligning it with the outer most edge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil so you know where your brow should begin. Your best brow usually aligns with the inner tear duct.

– Determine the arch of your eyebrow. This is usually slightly right of the center of your brow. Mark that with an eyebrow pencil so you know where your eyebrow should be at its highest point.

– Mark your eyebrow end point with the help of your straight edge. Make a line with your straight edge going from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.

– Decide the thickness that you want by marking your eyebrow pencil in a line just underneath the fullest part of your brow. You can decide the shape you’d like with this line.

– Once you’ve marked your eyebrow shape, you are ready to remove excess hair with your chosen method of hair removal. Waxing, tweezing and threading are the most common methods for keeping eyebrows in shape.


Any time you exfoliate your face, take a few extra seconds to exfoliate the skin under your eyebrows. Dead skin tends to build up underneath and around your eyebrow hairs. Gently rub your fingers in a circular motion around both brows and rinse. When you follow exfoliation up with moisturizer, it softens the eyebrows and primes them for grooming.

Keeping Your Eyebrows Looking Fresh

Once you’re happy with the overall look of your eyebrows, here are three things you can do yourself in between eyebrow appointments:

• Tinting

This technique helps create an eyebrow with depth. Choose from a powder, which is applied with an eyebrow brush, or a tinted gel, which is applied like mascara. Use careful strokes, following the natural direction of the eyebrow hairs.

• Trimming and Tweezing

This is a quick way to keep your brows looking well-groomed. If they require heavy tweezing, follow the steps above to determine the best brow shape for you and then tweeze away. A good tip is to shape your brows after a shower when your hair follicles are more open and hairs come out more easily.

To keep eyebrow hairs in place, brush the brows upward with an eyebrow brush and trim any hairs that are too long with small scissors. For really unruly brows, consider investing in clear mascara to keep your eyebrows neat all day.


• Filling in Bare Spots

The idea here is to create the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs, not a solid dark splotch. Using a thin eyebrow pencil in a color closely matching your eyebrows, re-draw the borders just around the inner 1/3 portion of each eyebrow. Draw slightly within the hairline so that it’s not obvious. Using the same pencil, identify the bare spots and apply feathery strokes going in the direction of the eyebrow hairs. This is essential to avoid looking like you have dark splotches on your eyebrows.

Eyebrows can be a beautiful frame for your eyes, if they’re well groomed. So, invest a little time to keep them looking fresh. It might take a little practice but the results will be well worth it.