How to find the best fitness trend for you!

How to find the best fitness trend for you!

Are you a fitness trendsetter, a trend follower or happily oblivious to trends?

Trends occur in many walks of life and, from fashion to fitness, there is often a new trend popping up and becoming the in thing! I’m here to explain why some fitness trends rise then fall from favor and how you can benefit from useful trends.

Do you enjoy trying to keep up with new trends or do you prefer to stick with what you know works for you? Take a look at my six tips to help you shop the current fitness trends for fun, safe, and effective workouts.

Like fashion, we see fitness trends appear and reappear as the seasons and years pass.  To help you decide on your personal approach to fitness trends, let’s think of them in the same way we are trained to think of fashion.

Every season we know some ‘must have’ looks will appear; they may stick around for a few years or, suddenly, they disappear overnight!  In fashion, there are also mainstay items that stand the test of time, such as the little black dress or the tailored suit. Then there are the passing or ‘cycling’ trends such as bright colors and leg warmers (yes, the 80’s were fab!) that come and go with a little added flair every few years.


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I look at fitness in the same way. The fitness industry goes through trends just like the fashion industry does. Let me explain: the little black dress of fitness could be thought of as keep-fit staples like running or cycling. These activities are always popular, simple but effective (and able to boost any occasion with some elegant ‘wow factor’).

Then there are the trends such as dance-fit styles, martial arts mixes or combo classes (one that I found intriguing this year was a combination of boxing and Pilates). These are fitness trends that will either evolve or completely disappear into the fitness history books.

Those that disappear off the radar often do so for a variety of reasons; participant boredom, higher injury risk, or impracticality are just a few. The good news is there are so many new fitness styles being created each year, that finding something you enjoy might be as easy as trying a new class.

Before joining a new class, fitness group, or sports team, you need to consider a few practicalities.  You need to look for something fun, safe and right for you. No matter how enthusiastic you are, choosing an advanced class if you’re a beginner, or vice versa, will quickly result in frustration and could lead to injury. And, one of the most common reasons for people abandoning a fitness regime is boredom or dread at going to class!

Today, I want to help you to navigate fitness trends with ease by giving you six quick fitness-shopping tips.

How to shop fitness trends

Choose a fitness trend that is based on a traditional fitness activity.

Ballet, martial arts, weight training and traditional dance are all forms of fitness that have stood the test of time.  It can be fun to combine disciplines or add a little sparkle with some creative beats but, if it looks complicated and crazy, it may be best to pass.

Avoid extremes or anything that promise an instant result.

Extreme fitness tends to cause more harm than good: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I feel very strongly about this because I see it all the time. People ask me for the one magic fitness regime or single exercise that will get them in shape and, disappointingly, I have to say that the best course is always slow and steady. It might not be what you want to hear, but anyone offering a fast solution probably doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

Be practical: choose something that meshes with your fitness goals.

If you want to run a marathon, you may not want to choose a style of fitness that is all about power and lifting heavy weights. If you want to build muscle, a simple dance class may not be the answer.

This doesn’t mean that an endurance runner won’t benefit from strength exercises or a dance class might not be fun. However, if time might be a barrier, then making sure you will meet your 2014 fitness goals should be a priority.

Simple is sometimes best.

With functional fitness you can’t go wrong. Fitness that is based on natural movement patterns and proven science is a great starting point regardless of your age or current fitness level.

By functional fitness, I mean making time for exercises like squats which build up the muscles we need to sit and stand. Or, building arm strength to ensure we can all lift things in the kitchen. While functional fitness may sound basic, it’s often overlooked by people at all fitness levels. You may have seen someone who can bench press an extreme weight but can’t lift a heavy box or carry shopping bags because they only focus on a single exercise.

Choose your fitness trend to fit your budget.

Just because a new fitness trend costs the earth, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you. We often associate paying a lot of money with guaranteed quality when, in reality, some of the best things are free.

If there is a trend that you simply must try, then there may be lower cost ways to try it before committing. Many gyms offer a free trial period, or fitness DVDs can be a low cost entry point to celebrity fitness trends.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

If you’re starting from scratch, then choose something simple that doesn’t require a 12 month financial commitment or a whole lot of gear. Believe me when I say that feeling under pressure to get fit will only leave you resentful. The only way to get fit is to want to get fit!