How to find the best workout for you

Are you looking for the best workout? A workout that guarantees results? I hear all the time from people who want the ‘perfect workout’ – one that has just the right mix of strength, stamina, and cardio training. I’m here to tell you that there is no ‘perfect workout’, you just need to find the best workout for you!

The best workout for getting fit is a workout that you enjoy and look forward to each day. Sometimes the simple things are true – if you love something you’ll do it more often! And if you hate your workout then, chances are, you’ll avoid it.

If you hate running, simply don’t make running a big part of your fitness routine. Life is already full things we have to do but don’t particularly like. When it comes to your exercise time, why suffer through something that makes you unhappy?

When people participate in a style of fitness that they don’t enjoy doing, then they probably won’t get good results. Or, they’ll think up the perfect excuse to skip their workout all together. I believe that personal fitness is just like team sport; an athlete who loves what they do can often outperform a person with better talent who has a dislike for their game. When you train with passion and excitement, you tend to get better results overall.

Workout for you

Do you hate all exercise?

But what if you are someone who thinks they hate all exercise? Let me help you discover the best workout just for you. Here are four great questions to ask yourself on your path to finding the perfect workout.

What are you good at?

Confidence is the key to great results, so have a think about your skills. If you’re a great swimmer: spend time perfecting the art of swimming as your activity. If you’ve always loved dancing, why not sign up for a few classes and impress with your perfect steps?
When you’re naturally good at an activity, there’s a good chance you’ll keep on coming back for more because it makes you feel good. Sure, you have to work on your weaknesses sometimes too. We all want to be well-rounded individuals. Be open that you might change too – as you become better at something you’re bound to enjoy it more. Overall, choose things you enjoy and that will become your default best workout.
Being positive about an activity means you may inspire your family and friends to give it a go too. That’s an added bonus that highlights the power of positivity!

What did you enjoy as a teenager?

If you haven’t been active for a few years or more, think about the things you used to enjoy in your younger years. If you were the high-school basketball stud but feel you’ve lost your fitness, why not pick up a ball and shoot some hoops or join a local adult league?
It’s easy to get caught up in a busy work schedule and neglect your health but participating in a few simple pick up games may help you feel more energized and put some pep back in your step.

What are your goals?

Think about what you want to achieve. If you are simply looking to improve your general fitness level then your activity choice is not so important. However, if you want to eventually complete in a 5k race, you’ll need to do more running-specific activities. Or, if you want to gain muscle mass, you must do resistance-based training.
Having a specific target/goal to work toward is important for both your short-term and long-term success. Matching your activity to your aims will help you identify the best workout for you.

How much time can you dedicate?

The golden question of time commitment is always tricky. You must be realistic and recognize your current responsibilities. If you plan to workout at a specific time each day and something gets in the way, you must get creative to ensure you’ll still make time to get active.

I always advise people to start out small and work up from there, if you commit to just 20 minutes a day and accomplish it, your confidence will improve and so will your results. If you start out with too big of a time commitment and can’t keep it up, there’s a greater chance that you’ll quit on yourself.

The most important thing to understand is that you must be consistent each week because our bodies respond best when we create a healthy habit.  Choose something that you enjoy, if you want to keep getting results.

Remember to give each new activity a fair try before deciding if it’s love or hate. Sometimes, the things we think we hate become the things we eventually love (and that’s especially true if you start seeing results!). Six weeks is a good amount of time to decide if you can commit to an activity long-term. The first few weeks of any new activity are a learning phase, so patience is the key.

To really find the best workout for you, just keep trying new things until you fall in love. Tell me about your fitness loves and hates in the comments section.