How Color Contrast Affects A Man’s Individual Style

The first things to look at when learning about contrast is understanding the colors and contrasts of your body.

Your hair color, eye color, and skin color play an important role in developing the proper contrast within your outfit.

These three factors, which every man has, determine whether a man is of high, low, or medium contrast.

High ContrastHigh Contrast Men

Men whose hair color contrasts their skin color greatly fall under this category.

For example, men with black hair and white skin.

The most important thing for men in this category is to try to mimic this same contrast with their clothes.

A dark suit (navy blue or black) and a white dress shirt or a charcoal gray suit with a blue dress shirt will both provide this desired contrast.

As for ties, any tie that distinctly stands out from the shirt will compliment a high contrast man.


Low Contrast Man

Low Contrast Men

Low contrast men have a much more subtle, if any, contrast.

Men with light hair and light skin fall into this category, and (usually) so do men with red hair, bald men, and men with little hair.

The ability for a low contrast man to look good is the the complete opposite from that of a high contrast man.

A significant contrast in a low contast man’s outfit will conflict with his low contrast complexion. Low contrast men should strive for a monochromatic (single color) look.

A dark blue or earth-toned dress shirt with a dark suit will work best most of the time. As for ties, something that contrasts too much will take attention away from the face, so having a tie similar to the color of your suit and shirt will work best.


Medium Contrast Black Man

Medium Contrast Men

Men who don’t fall under either extreme usually fall into this category. Dark skinned men with dark hair or light skinned men with white or gray hair usually fit into this group.

Since there is such a wide variety of facial tones and hair colors, it is difficult to pinpoint specific guidance to this group.

Usually, men in this group will tend to be somewhat close either extreme.

The mentioned dark skinned man with dark hair would lean more towards the high contrast side, while the light skinned man with white or gray hair leans more towards the low contrast side.

With that being said, it should be mentioned that medium contrast men could easily explore and enjoy what both sides have to offer, but should do so without wandering too far off into one of the extremes.