How Do Women React To A Man’s Scent?

How Do Women React To A Man’s Scent? – Smell & Mate Selection

Ask any woman for her most desirable trait in a man.

She might say a kind heart, a charming smile or even good looks.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll hear women admitting that a man’s scent makes them weak in their knees.

Smell – or a man’s scent – has been proven through experiments to be the #1 factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential partner.

What causes instant attraction between a man and a woman? According to a group of researchers in Europe – A man sees but a woman smells

The research study they published in thePersonality and Individual Differences journal showed that men are visual while women rate olfactory (fancy Latin for smell) cues as more important in mate choice.

Taking the results a step further – the study proved that women valued olfactory cues significantly more than men even in non-sexual contexts.

The researchers worked with over 700 European students and asked questions about what senses were most important in these areas:

  1. Choosing a potential lover.
  2. What causes sexual arousal outside sexual activity.
  3. What causes sexual arousal during and after sexual activity.
  4. What affects the meal choices made by men and women.
  5. Things that attract attention – like a beautiful landscape.
  6. Stimulating memories and what senses are important in remembering them.
  7. Flower choice – what what do men and women visualize or think about when they remember flowers?
  8. Selection of pets.

The participants were asked to make their selection in these different areas by choosing one of these 6 senses – visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch and imagination.

The researchers did a number of analyses on what senses had the biggest impact for men and women. The results showed that men and women differed in the following ways.

How Do Women React To A Man’s Scent?

How Do Women React To A Man’s Scent?

#1 Selecting Potential Lovers

For men, visual was most important. For women – olfactory was most important.

Women seem to be more driven by scent while attraction for men was driven by what they saw.

That’s really no surprise because men are naturally attracted to the shape, body proportions, skin and face of a woman. However, women rate a man’s body smell as most important when choosing a potential partner.

Researchers studying the human brain suggest that  women are able to detect a man’s biological compatibility through signals in their odor.

A majority of the male population do not wear a fragrance. Why would you want to spend $50-$100 on a bottle of perfume?

Does it make any difference? Yes, it does.



#2 Sexual Arousal During Non-Sexual Activity

For men – it was visual again. No surprises there.

Women rated imagination (fantasy/thoughts) as the most important sense that causes arousal during non-sexual activity.

The main point here is that men are visual – the data proves it. With women it could be a lot more about the smell, the touch and the imagination.

When asked whether they found perfume arousing during non-sexual activity – women were more likely to say yes than men!

#3 Sexual Arousal During Sexual Activity

For men, again visual was most important. For women – touch was most important, followed by body smell, imaginary and sexual sounds. Visual wasn’t even in their top four.

You’ve heard that women need more romance – they need a story. It’s more about their mind and not so much about the visual – which is good news in part for anyone that who is doesn’t have a fantastic body.

Women rated visual, non-body smell and music as not important in arousal during sexual activity.

That doesn’t mean you have to drop the Barry White playlist, skip the gym workouts and trash the aroma candles. It means you need to first pay attention to the scent you choose – is it complimenting your natural body odor?

#4 Meal Choice Selection For Men & Women

Men and women weren’t significantly different in this area – they both rated taste as most the important criteria for meal choices.

The other senses listed in order were smell, visual and touch (the texture of the food).

#5 Landscape Attention – What Grabs Their Attention In A New Place

Both men and women rated visual as the most important sense in observing a landscape for the first time. Men and women are attracted to the visual beauty of natural landscapes.

However, women rated the olfactory more than men. Women process multiple sensory perceptions of a landscape while men are focused on the visual.

Couple man and woman 2

#6 Landscape Memory – How Men & Women Remember A Place

In revisiting the memory of a landscape – both men and women rated visual as the most important sense. The first sense that is activated through memory is the visual landscape.

Olfactory was still high for women.

#7 Flowers – Senses Activated For Men & Women

Although women rated the scent of flowers (olfactory) higher than men – the top choice was visual for both men and women.

The sight of flowers increased positive moods before the fragrance was added to the mix of sensory perceptions.

#8 Senses Driving Selection Of Pets

Both men and women rated visual as their first deciding sense. For women, the sense of touch rated higher than men. In pet selection – the olfactory sense was (for obvious reasons) not listed high.

What Can We Learn From These Results?Woman smellling flowers

Women were more likely to say smell was important in other ways – such as choosing a flower or keeping their attention in an unfamiliar landscape.

The analysis indicated that women had more complex senses of smell.  They responded very differently to a man’s body smell compared with object, environmental and even animal smells.

Men responded to all sources of smell in the same way – something either smells good or bad.

Women tend to develop a better understanding of smell. Their noses are trained to pick subtle cues that men are often unable to detect.

The results proved that men and women have a different seletion criteria. In other words – what’s important to men may not be important to women. 

Being a good person will certainly help you get and keep a date. But there is a complex set of factors that go into whether women will find you desirable. How you smell could be a big factor in who you attract.

You may have improved how you dress but if you want to attract a woman and keep her attention after courting her – pay attention to your smell.