How to Travel in Style

The Travel Side of Men’s Clothing

Dressing right for airplane travel requires carefully balancing comfort and style, so that your flight and reception are equally pleasant.

This guide should provide the basics for choosing an outfit for long flights, and allow even those only passingly familiar with mens clothing to dress themselves.

This article discusses the difficulties of dressing stylishly and comfortably during airplane travel. The man who arrives at his destination appropriately dressed and feeling refreshed stands on firmer ground than the uncomfortable or unsuitable traveler. For the jet-set world of modern business, every man should have an understanding of the balance between the comfort of his travel and the style of his arrival.


How to Travel in Style

Firstly, the groundwork of the ensemble should be comfortable. If the shirt you choose makes you itchy or sweaty then no amount of coordination or weave will make up the confidence and poise you’ve lost.

For the shirt especially it is important to remember that the suit frames you, and if you don’t look and feel your best no clothes will change that. Choose your shirt for yourself and make the suit match it.

You may be thinking along the lines of wrinkle-free shirts, or no-iron shirts. Though this appears a good choice, the synthetic material has a nasty habit of making you itchy, no small compromise on an international airplane.

100% cotton shirts, while slightly heavier, should not cause overheating and feel smooth and comfortable. Cotton will also naturally wick away sweat. A cotton shirt will maintain its shape well if you iron it just before the flight.


The importance of shoes in shaping a man’s travel style cannot be overstated, and for this reason they should be treated in exactly the opposite manner of shirts.

The person you’re thinking of when you put on a pair of shoes should be the people who see them. So when choosing shoes for airplane travel avoid the mistake of the slip-on shoe.

While this will save you time and energy at security, your look will be far more casual than professional. Discounting comfort completely is a mistake, but good shoes should be able to keep a spring in your step through the longest flight.


Finally we get to the suit itself. When picking out your jacket there are a few comforts to be careful of. You may notice that jackets generally have a label in ounces, perhaps “12 oz” or thereabouts. This clearly is not a note on how much the jacket weighs- it is the weight of one yard of the suit’s fabric.

From this you can estimate the density or “heaviness” of the suit. A higher value is a heavier, warmer suit, and a lower value is a lighter, breezier suit. For travel it is preferable to wear a lighter suit to avoid overheating on the flight. You should be sure that the suit matches the shirt and that your tie is not overbearing.

mens suit for traveling


Your pants should be for comfort. Baggier pants will be more comfortable, and should be held together with a light belt. A heavy belt or tight pants will dig into you on a longer flight, and can leave you not only uncomfortable but in pain. Be sure to avoid this mistake.

While basic, this guide should allow you to build your travel wardrobe or pick an outfit for your annual business trip. Remember first and foremost that while the flight may be long, the reception will be longer- your appearance and demeanor need to be right for the destination, both in style and comfort. A thin suit in a cold climate is as out of place as jeans and a t-shirt at a formal meeting.