How to Use A Matching Gift Set

Coordinating Ties With Pocket Squares And Cufflinks

Assuming the items in the gift set are made from good quality material – you want to use them with other complementary accessories.

The key is to coordinate, not match.

Avoid matching your tie to your pocket square for these reasons:

  • It draws the viewer’s eye horizontally to the matching colors across your chest. This takes the attention away from your face.
  • A paisley tie worn with a paisley pocket square and cufflinks takes the focus away from the tie. Too much matching makes it look like a lot of effort. A man’s goal is to make his style look effortless.
  • Shoes, socks, gloves, cufflinks should be sold in pairs. Ties and pocket squares should not be sold in pairs. It reeks of unsophisticated fashion.

They should go together, not look the same. The tie, pocket square and cufflinks should complement the rest of the outfit too.

You could use the pocket square as a second tie – create some visual interest by choosing the right colors and patterns.

What is the trick to complementing these accessories?

Think of your tie, pocket square and cufflinks as a team. They have to get along well together but present differences to create a united front.

  • The simplest way to complement a tie and pocket square is to find a single matching colour. If you have a solid blue tie – go for a patterned pocket square with hints of blue in it.
  • If you have a pocket square in a solid color – wear a tie that has a stripe or pattern in the same color. A plain purple pocket square goes well with a tie that has a purple dots.
  • If you own fabric knot cufflinks – pair the corresponding color with the dominant color in the tie and pocket square.
  • As you get more advanced in picking complementary colors (Hint: go through my video on colors…) – start mixing solid reds with blue dots or red with blue pasley. Or wear a purple pocket square with a red/blue tie.

Black Tie Cufflinks Pocket Square

Rule Of Thumb For Pocket Squares

A white pocket square will go with just about anything. It suits formal and semi-formal occasions.

It is advisable to carry two pocket squares. There is an old style heuristic called The Rule Of Two. The idea is that a man needs to carry a pocket square for show in his breast pocket and a cotton handkerchief in another pocket for emergency clean ups of spilt wine or to wipe away sweat.

Matching Tie and CufflinksThe Best Cufflinks To Pair With Ties And Pocket Squares

Cuff links should be treated as a separate accessory. Fabric knots are available in different colors but are also not considered to be classic style.

A pair of plain gold or silver-plated cuff links worn with double cuff (or French cuff) shirts are the preferred options.

Enamel and stone cuff links can be worn but remember to keep the patterns simple.

When is it appropriate to wear matching cuff-links and tie

The only time it’s permissible to wear matching ties and cufflinks is for a black-tie event. Your cuff links should match your bow-tie. For these events, the pocket square is normally white or red.

At the end of the day – you could wear a tie with a matching pocket square and cuff-links to the holiday Christmas party with the family.

At that point, no one’s going to care about how smart you’re dressed but about how much you care about the people who love you.