J.L. Rocha Lambskin Leather Jacket Review

The J.L Rocha, Style 1340 Noel lambskin leather jacket is finely designed, comfortable, and appealing to the eye.  We highly recommend you consider purchasing this lightweight leather coat for your wardrobe.


J.L. Rocha Lambskin Leather Jacket Review

J.L. Rocha Lambskin Leather Jacket Review

 Leather Jacket Front Details

The full front of the jacket is made from grade A lambskin.  Similar to a vest – this design draws the viewers eye to the torso.

The jackets shoulders, yoke, and elbow patches are also  made from the same beautiful brown leather while the back and sleeves are a stylish knitted fabric.

The jacket also includes small accents, such as a D-ring hook between the shoulder blades and an orange 1½ inch strip near the left shoulder.

Brown JL Rocha Leather JacketJacket Chest

The J.L. Rocha style 1340 version of the classic leather jacket has full rich brown lambskin leather panels on the front of the jacket and a heavy duty zipper.

This design builds up the chest with a smooth, vintage leather look while giving the arms a sleeker look than traditional leather sleeves.

This unique jacket will get you noticed, with only the front panels and collar being full leather it is distinctively different from a full leather jacket with fabric sleeves.

Jacket Shoulders

Most leather jackets use large pieces of leather to add depth and dimension to the shoulder areas of the jacket. On the 1340 Noel, the leather on the front panels of the jacket wraps around to the back of the shoulders.

The back is accented with a small metal D ring in the middle of the shoulder blades, and this small accent is only one eye catching piece of the back side of the jacket.

Fabric Back

Brown JL Rocha Leather Jacket

The J.L. Rocha Style 1340 leather jacket is unique because the entire back of the jacket below the shoulders a beautifully knitted, soft brown material.

This adds to the comfortable feel of the jacket and helps prolong the life of the jacket by reducing the areas that could get stained or damaged during regular use.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many compliments you will receive from wearing a well crafted jacket in this style.

Jacket Sleeves

With a traditional all-leather jacket, it may take a long time to break in the sleeves, and often the thickness of the leather as it bunches around your elbows can restrict movement.

J. L. Rocha has addressed these issues by eliminating almost all the leather on the sleeves of the 1340 Noel jacket. The same brown knitted material that covers the back of the jacket continues down the sleeves.

For added detail, the sleeves have orange stitching on the seams at the back of the arms. The flexibility you feel when wearing this jacket will be unlike any new leather jacket you’ve seen.  It also lessens the chance of the sleeves getting stained or gouging the leather on the sleeves as you reach for something because, aside from the elbow patches, there is no leather on the sleeves.

Brown JL Rocha Leather Jacket

Jacket Collar

Used to keep in warmth and protect the neck, the collar can be a fashion detail or used in a subdued style that makes it hardly noticeable.

The J.L. Rocha crafted a half-rib banded collar that is simple in style to not distract the eye from the rest of the jacket. With the zipper all the way up, the collar was comfortable and will not bite at your neck.

Jacket Accents

There are two accent pieces that are uncommon on leather jackets but make the 1340 Noel lambskin jacket a unique piece in your wardrobe. Aside from the D-ring hook between the shoulder blades, there is an orange 1½ inch strip near the left shoulder. Neither performs any functional purpose other than to increase the detail appeal of the jacket.

The interior of the jacket has a light blended-fabric lining like a suit jacket.

Climate Suggestions

This jacket is ideal for temperate climates and does a great job of keeping you warm and buffering you from the wind without being excessively heavy or overly insulating.

If a thicker, warmer jacket is what you’re looking for, J.L. Rocha offers more traditionally styled leather jackets that can provide the full insulation that all- leather jackets

Jacket Material

The lambskin used in the J.L. Rocha jacket is USA animal tanned in Leon, Mexico.  The material used in the sleeves and back is a fabric made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.  The fabric lining is made of 80% cotton and 20% rayon.  Because of the combination of strong and light materials, the jacket only weighs approximately 4 lbs.

Review-JL-Rocha-Lambskin-Leather-JacketJ.L Rocha – Company details

Jose Luis Rocha is a San Diego-based online retailer specializing in fine leather jackets, shoes and accessories.provide. Their pieces are hand-crafted in Mexico, and are designed to stand out from their mass produced competition.

J.L Rocha designed a website that is easily navigated, and they offer quick shipping. They also take careful steps to ensure that your gorgeous leather jacket will last. The jacket was delivered on a wooden hanger in a foldable garment bag with handles to protect the jacket through its travels. You can visit their website JL Rocha lambskin leather jacket.

Adding leather pieces to round out your growing wardrobe means you’re adding items that will last for many years, and J.L. Rocha’s quality crafted pieces are no exception. The Style 1340 Noel lambskin leather jacket is a wonderful addition to your closet and would look great with a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt or a pair of flat front slacks and a polo shirt.

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