A quick workout can change your outlook

A quick workout can change your outlook

If you’re looking for simple ways to raise your happiness level, try one of my quick mood boosters to help you feel more positive—right now.

I often find myself running around trying to balance my busy schedule. I’ve realized that sometimes I need to take a time out to boost my mood and recharge my energy level. If you’re like me, you’ve been in a situation where a busy lifestyle gets the best of you. Next time your demanding schedule has you stressed out and desperate for a break, give one of my eight instant mood boosters a try. You’ll discover how the simple things in life can truly have a positive impact on your day.

Mood Boosters to Lift You Up

1. Practice belly breathing

Practice conscious breathing by inhaling through your nose, letting the air expand into your tummy, then breathing out through your mouth. Whether you’re at work or running around on a busy day, taking a break for 5-10 conscious breaths can calm your mind while giving you a rejuvenating timeout.

2. Schedule a stretching break

Instead of taking a coffee break, try taking a stretching break. You can do simple neck rolls and arm stretches from the comfort of your office chair, as you stand on the phone, or wherever you are! Simple movement throughout the day can refresh your mind and relieve muscle tension.

3. Get organized wherever you are

Stress can be self-inflicted, sometimes caused by misplacing or losing your belongings. Boosting your mood starts with relieving your stress level. Carve out some time in your schedule to get organized—whether you’re at home, at work or in the car. Just a few minutes to get things in order each day can lead to a better mood over all.

4. Try coordination drills

Improved health involves your body and your brain. Doing exercises that involve working your upper body and lower body at the same time, such as lunges with a shoulder press, will speed up your workout and give your brain power a boost! Next time you work out, try a few moves that challenge your coordination.

5. Smile often

Your body releases endorphins every time you smile, even if you’re faking it! Spend time every day consciously smiling at people. It will instantly boost your mood and give your face muscles a workout. The added bonus is that your smile may improve the mood of other people, too, because they’ll probably smile back at you!

6. Take a power walk

You may think that a two-minute walk can’t possibly impact your mood or your health. But a fast paced walk, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can improve your cardiovascular health. If you only have a few minutes, make time for a quick, brisk walk. By doing something different (and stepping outside if you can), you may be able to reduce stress. Try to accumulate at least 30 minutes of walking throughout the day. If you have time for a longer walk, try one of my power walk routines.

7. Do a workout for your skin

Quality skin care products can positively impact your appearance, thereby improving your mood. Give yourself a two-minute mini-facial at home by exfoliating with your favorite scrub and massaging moisturizing cream onto your face. When you dedicate a little extra time to your appearance, it can help you feel confident—and I believe that a little face massage with the correct products is the easiest workout ever!

8. Try a quick interval routine

Try an interval workout using some old school moves: complete 30 seconds of four simple exercises. You will give your energy level a boost by releasing endorphins into your blood stream, no matter the length of your workout. Here’s a simple interval routine to try: