Reduce Your Back Pain

A five-minute exercise that can offer you several benefits:

  • improve your feelings of dominance and power
  • reduce stress levels
  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce back pain
  • reduce neck pain
  • help you lose weight
  • strengthen your core
  • enhance breathing

This five-minute exercise has gained much media attention in Japan. Toshiki Fukutsudzi developed this popular low-cost technique over a period of 10 years, that in itself should give you positive re-enforcement. Toshiki – a medical doctor, and pioneer – details the technique in his best-selling book, that has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

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Here’s how it works

Step 1

Choose an ordinary towel. Roll the towel until you form a sausage-like shape.

Step 2

Keep the towel intact by using tape or some form of a string.

Step 3

Lie down on your back. Choose a hard surface like a wooden floor. Avoid soft surfaces like your bed or couch as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

Step 4

Carefully, place the towel where your spine begins to curve – the height of your navel.

Step 5

Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart.

Step 6

Point your toes inward toward one another.

Step 7

Move your arms above your head.

Step 8

Make sure your palms are down.

Step 9

Touch your pinkies.

Step 10

Remain in the position for 5 minutes. You may feel sore at first, but try and hold this position. It get’s easier with practice. For desired results, repeat the exercise 3 times a day for at least two weeks.

That’s it. Quick and simple. Fad or not, this is a 5 min exercise, 3 times a day, over two weeks. It’s worth giving it a go, as it not only reduces back pain but can improve every aspect of your life.