Simple tips for lasting beauty

Simple tips for lasting beauty

Need to look your best for a big event? Let me show you how to get ready in one month, one week, or one day!

Is there anything more exciting than an event you’re looking forward to attending? Whether it’s a school reunion, wedding, birthday party or anniversary, the anticipation can also bring stress—particularly regarding your beauty habits. To help keep the occasion joyous, I’ve created this no-fuss guide to help you prepare for your big event.

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Get ready to look your best—one month in advance

Figure out your skin type. It’s easier than you think; just wash your face with a cleanser intended for normal skin, rinse well, and pat dry. Wait about an hour and then evaluate your skin. Does it feel tight, flaky or ashy? That means you have dry skin. If your entire face feels as though you should blot it with a tissue, it means your skin is oily. If your forehead and nose are slightly oily, you may have combination skin. And if none of the above applies, you have normal skin! Repeat this test at the beginning of each season to see if your skincare needs change with the weather.

Start planning your hair, makeup, and wardrobe for your event. It’s better to work these out ahead of time. You can try them without the added pressure of an event right around the corner!

Try drinking hot tea. Its antioxidant properties will help your skin look radiant with repeated use, and as part of an overall de-stressing ritual, tea will help you remain calm and focused before your big event.

You’re already looking good—one to two weeks in advance

See your hair stylist and get a trim. This will remove any tired ends but still maintain length. And by doing it 1-2 weeks in advance, you give the style a chance to “soften” a bit before your big event.

Deeply cleanse your face with a facial and pluck, wax or thread your eyebrows, if desired. Try to avoid putting this off until right before the event just in case your skin gets irritated!

Focus on teeth whitening. If you’re going to use an at-home kit, consult your dentist first. In the meanwhile, you can follow these five easy tips for white teeth that will keep you smiling at your big event!

Time to get busy—48 hours in advance

Exfoliate your body from head to toe with an at-home body treatment. Try a body buffing scrub or low-cost DIY salt scrub. Make sure you scrub vigorously but don’t be so enthusiastic that you pull and scratch your delicate skin.

Get a manicure. Doing this just 1-2 days in advance is ideal: you’ll avoid regrowth, won’t have to worry about smudging wet nails, and you probably won’t have time to chip that polish! You don’t have to go to a salon for great-looking nails.

Go to bed on time. Getting beauty rest is essential to help you look calm and refreshed the day of a big event! If you need help getting to sleep, check out my six easy tips to help you get your beauty sleep.

Shine like a star—you’re looking your best! Day or night of event

Fix last-minute breakouts with a quick ice pack before applying make-up. Ice will help reduce blemishes by reducing swelling. Try to be gentle with your skin to avoid irritation.

Calm puffy eyes with cool teabags. Simply pop two used teabags in the fridge for half an hour or more, then lie down and apply them to your closed eyes for about ten minutes. Expert tip: if you have a very light complexion then avoid black tea, as you could end up temporarily staining your skin!

Stick with what you know! It might be tempting, but the night or morning of a big event, don’t try a product you’ve never used before. This is doubly true of “active” products (serums, anti-blemish creams, etc.) You don’t want your skin to have a negative reaction and leave you scrambling to fix it! And let me add to the list of things to not try the day or night of a big event: eyebrow waxing/plucking, facials with extractions, and dyeing your hair. If you haven’t done it by now, just embrace it and rock your natural beauty.

Stay hydrated. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an event, but remember to drink enough water. Hydration is key to beautiful skin and will keep you looking refreshed and radiant all day!