Strengthen Your Relationship and Your Body

Strengthen Your Relationship and Your Body

Working out with someone can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with them while you strengthen your body.

I’ve been married for 14 years and have four children, so as you can imagine that finding time for a date night can be almost impossible. I will admit that when we do get away, the temptation of catching up with friends, answering text messages or scrolling through social media at the dinner table is always there. However, during my weekly and once a week hot yoga with my husband, I feel energized and am less likely to check on my phone or worry about my to-do list. I think it’s partly due to the natural release of endorphins that are a bonus of exercise, combined with the excitement that we are maximizing our time together.

Relationships take work, especially when you both have your own and work commitments to tend to. However, when you find the right balance of quality time together, a good relationship can positively impact your overall sense of well-being and improve your self-confidence.

01Strengthen Your Relationship

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Here are some of top reasons that I believe partner workouts can help strengthen your relationship:

Avoid relationship weight gain.

With today’s busy and demanding lifestyle, it’s often difficult to find quality time to spend with your significant other. Quite often we find ourselves having to choose between taking care of our own personal needs and planning time with our partner. This juggle can cause resentment in the relationship and if it’s your workout that you are skipping, you may even find yourself gaining weight. If your quality time always revolves around eating together, staying on track with your personal health goals may become difficult.

Endorphins work their magic.

Making an effort to exercise with your significant other can strengthen both your relationship and your body. There is something special about sweating in the gym or on a hike together, as it provides quality, constructive time. The natural endorphin pheromones and post-workout glow can make you feel more attracted to each other, too.

Technology-free zone.

Working toward a physical goal together gives you something positive to stay connected about on a weekly basis. When you’re exercising, your technological devices are put away so you can engage in conversation and some friendly competition.

Physical connection and trust.

It can be a very bonding experience to be taught a new skill by your partner. It helps to build trust and the physical connection created from helping each other with pull-ups or spotting with weights can continue long after the workout is over.

When planning your next date, consider doing a fun activity together. One of my favorite sayings is, “Couples who exercise together, stay together.”