Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty

Staying cool in the summertime is essential for avoiding a sweaty, makeup meltdown. Here are some of my best tips for feeling cooler and looking your best in the heat.

After a long, cold winter, it sounds pretty nice to turn up the heat of summer! I feel like I can never get enough warm sunshine and I’m sure you agree. However, there are some challenges to dealing with hot weather ­- it’s easy to get overheated and uncomfortable, and of course, with all that heat comes sweat and perspiration.

Sweat is perfectly natural, but if you’re headed to an important interview or hosting guests at a backyard barbecue, it’s the last thing you want to worry about. Sometimes a cool shower or a quick dive in the pool isn’t in the cards when you’re running from one thing to the next. Not to worry, there are lots of ways to keep your face and body cool and dry.

Control Outdoor Exposure

The easiest thing to do is to know when you’ve been outdoors long enough and go inside. Keep careful control over your skin exposure with daily application of sunscreen. Keep your face protected with sunglasses and a brimmed hat. These are important habits you should keep all year long. Buy HGH houston texas.

Beyond that, I’ve discovered some other summer beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling refreshed.


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6 Cool Ways to Ease the Heat

Get creative with your hairstyle

Long hair smothering the back of your neck is enough to raise your body temperature by a degree or two. A great way to stay cool is to keep a shorter length with your hair. If that’s not your style, consider putting your hair up. There are so many fun trends with hairstyles this summer. Try a sleek topknot, or try a variation on the classic braid. One of my all-time favorite hairstyles to stay cool during summer is a high ponytail.

Make use of your fridge

The refrigerator doesn’t have to be just for keeping food chilly. During the heat of summer, try keeping moisturizer and body mist in there too. Slathering on cool product will instantly make you feel cooler. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized during summer. Even though it may be hot and humid, your skin still needs the attention you would give it during cooler months.

Put ice on pressure points

Here’s a quick party trick that really works: press your icy beverage or an ice cube against your wrist or your neck. The chill on these two pulse points can help you feel the chill when it’s sizzling hot. If you stay cool, you’re less likely to encounter melting makeup.

Use sea salt spray

Bring a little beachy spring to your hair AND keep your scalp dry with sea salt spray. Salt spray acts as a natural styling agent to create waves and add volume. Some hairstylists say this is the key product they use to create texturized waves. Sea salt spray can be easily found at any beauty supply store, or you can even make it yourself at home.

Spritz some facial mist

For a quick cooldown after melting in your baking car, or any other heat related situation for that matter, try spritzing on a facial mist. It can give you an instant chill and make you feel refreshed. To enhance facial mist, choose your favorite fragrance like mint, herb or lavender and you’ll feel instantly freshened up!

Choose the right cosmetics

When it comes to makeup, go for the smudged look … on purpose! Summer beauty tends to go easy on eye makeup, but if you want to glam it up, use crayon liners and eyeshadows that provide softer, smudgier lines. Matte lipsticks go on dryer than creamy types and look great with dewy summer skin. Once you’re done with makeup application, use a setting spray to finish off your look and help keep your makeup in place.

With all of these refreshing ways to stay cool and collected, people will wonder what your secret is and admire how well you pull it off. Tell me about some of your favorite summer beauty tricks in the comments below and let’s all have a fabulous summer.