Tesla Model S And The Ludicrous Mode

On July 17th, Elon Musk dropped a bomb on Tesla fans by announcing that the Model S will be getting anew mode. Sure, “Insane” mode was great and made for some fabulous hidden camera driving videos, but its new “Ludicrous” mode will be, well… ludicrous.
Ludicrous mode will launch the Model S from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds—which is way faster than the one achieved by the Insane mode of 3.1 seconds. According to Musk, it’s “faster than falling” and will be “like having your own private roller coaster”. Don’t forget it still has a four wheel drive dual motor.

The only drawback (if you can call it that) is that Tesla can’t just upgrade it via a software update, so you will have to take it in so they can install the new hardware. That said, it’s only an extra $5k for existing owners. If this makes you want to run out and finally buy your very own Model S, it will cost an extra $10k—which still seems reasonable if it’s as amazing as Musk makes it sound.

Remember you may also buy some useful Tesla accessories like a very efficient wall connector to charge your electric car at a truly convenient price of $650 or $750 depending on the model. Besides the common wall connectors there are the Tesla Superchargers. They are external chargers designed to replenish over half a charge in 20 minutes. When Supercharging is enabled, Model S drivers can charge for no additional cost at any of Tesla’s expanding network of 120 kW Superchargers. Supercharging is already enabled on every 70kWh and 85 kWh Model S.

You can visit Tesla website to get more information regarding this terrific automobile and its maximum range of 270 miles. Remember it has the highest safety rating in America and it includes the helpful autopilot for your convenience.

Website: http://www.teslamotors.com/