Tips to get you through the party season

Tips to get you through the party season

Even with the hectic pace of the holidays, it’s still possible to look fabulous by making a few adjustments to your beauty routine.

The holiday season can be incredibly busy for all of us. There are trees to decorate, cards to write, cookies to bake and all of those shopping trips to the mall. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. But the most fun of all is attending the holiday parties and, of course, the party of the year—New Year’s Eve. You’ve got the perfect dress. You’ve found the perfect shoes. But with the hectic schedule and no time to primp, how can you possibly look your most fabulous?

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Indispensable Holiday Beauty Tips

Holiday Nail Nuisances

Our hands definitely take a beating during the holiday season. Gift-wrapping, baking or just playing in the snow is not great for our holiday party manicure. But who even has time to stop and get a manicure this time of year? If you happen to chip a nail and ruin your perfect polish, no worries. This is the one time of the year when a glittery polish is totally on trend. Rather than re-polish your nails, just apply a bit of glittery polish with a clear or complementary base to the tips of your nails. The glitter will blend beautifully and hide the chips beneath.

Bye-Bye Flyaways

Between the weather, the dry air, the forced heat and our favorite winter scarf and hat, our hair doesn’t stand a chance. Flyaways definitely become normal this time of year. Not a big deal if you’re home wrapping presents, but a big deal if you’re at your husband’s office party. Keep a travel size bottle of hairspray in your bag at all times to tame those pesky little hairs. Gently comb the flyaways back down to keep your hair looking smooth and polished. If you have a spare toothbrush, give it a quick blast of hair spray and focus on just the flyaway pieces. Your hair will maintain its polished party look all night, and you won’t look like you have an over-sprayed helmet head.

No More Kiss-Away Lips

Holiday parties always involve a lot of kissing. We kiss hello, we kiss goodbye and we kiss under the mistletoe. The last thing we want to do is spend the whole night reapplying our favorite holiday shade of lipstick. Remember, for every family member you kiss on the cheek, you are most likely giving them a take-home gift of your lipstick on their face. So, to keep your lipstick intact, avoid the glossy and go matte. First, apply a layer of your favorite lip balm to keep lips hydrated. Then apply your favorite shade of matte lipstick. Your lips will look kissable a lot longer and you won’t have to worry about leaving your mark on everyone’s cheek.

Mascara Mishap

Long, lush lashes can really make your holiday look. But when you’re rushing to put your face on, the last thing you need is a mascara mess up. Always use an eyelash curler to give your lashes that extra oomph they so deserve. But when applying your mascara, be careful not to make a mess. There’s nothing worse than messy mascara. Try placing a spoon on your eyelid as you swipe on your mascara. This way if there’s a mishap, it will end up on the spoon and not your eyelids.

Stylize Your Hair with Zero Effort

No time for the salon but in desperate need of a glamorous holiday do? Go simple. Pull your hair back in a loose ponytail, elegant braid or even a low chignon, and then tuck in a sparkly piece of jewelry for added flair. Secure with a few sticky bobby pins (just spray your bobby pins with some hair spray and allow to dry before inserting), and your hair will be ready to ring in the New Year. A simple hairstyle will be kicked up a notch just by adding a bit of sparkle.

That’s it. Follow these holiday beauty tips during the party season and you’ll look fabulous as you celebrate with your dear friends and family.