Tips on Hair Care for Men

Tips on Hair Care for Men

Even though they probably won’t admit it, men hate a bad hair day just as much as women do. I think it’s time to help the boys out with some tips on hair care for men.

For some of us, taking care of hair can seem like a daunting task. For women, we struggle with obtaining the perfect hair color, overuse of styling products, and using too many heating devices. Frankly, a big issue is not having enough time in the morning to achieve the perfect look. Ladies, we’re not alone. Men also face the challenge of bad hair days. Gentleman, it’s time to devote some attention to your hair. My tips on hair care for men will make it seem less daunting to achieve your desired look.

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I have a husband and a son who both have way too much hair on their heads. Does the term ‘mop top’ ring a bell? Of course, I’m a bit jealous of their thick waves and curls, but sometimes I look at them and I think to myself, ‘Do you guys have a mirror? Or better yet, a comb?’ I’m constantly reaching across the table to discreetly finger-comb some random curl back into place. Most of the time, I just give up. A good hair cut helps for about a minute, but then it’s back to the mop top look once again. So, I started thinking maybe I should be giving them some advice on hair care for men to help the situation. Just a few tips that would improve the overall look and manageability of their hair.

Until now, there’s been a true line drawn in the sand. The boys use a certain type of shampoo and have styling products that I would never put in my hair. Dare I say it, they are sometimes just clueless when it comes to hair. This one is for all of you out there who may need a little bit of help when it comes to hair care for men. And ladies, if you have someone in your life with crazy hair, this one is for you, too. Together we can help get control of the out-of-control locks that our guys possess.

Tips on Hair Care for Men:

Beware men in hats

Men sure do love their hats, and that’s great. Hats are only a problem when they don’t fit properly. If you wear a hat or a ponytail that’s too tight, you could be causing damage to your hair. There is a condition called traction alopecia, which is a condition where the hair is actually pulled out of the scalp. It’s the constant tension and pulling over time that can result in damage, which unfortunately can become permanent damage over time. Hats, braids and cornrows can all lead to traction alopecia. Make sure your hats fit properly. If you wear ponytails or braids, make sure they aren’t too tight to help avoid damage and hair loss.

Take it easy with the towel

For some reason men just love to towel dry their hair in a feverish manner. They throw the towel over their head and start to rub on both sides in a very rough and tough way. What the heck? It’s as if they are hoping to completely dry their hair with that towel. Gentlemen, this type of towel drying is one of the biggest causes of damage to your hair. When your hair is wet, it’s very vulnerable to damage. When you rub your hair with your towel, some of the hairs get tangled in the threads of the towel. When this happens, the individual hair strands start to stretch and in many cases they stretch to the point of breaking. The result? You end up with split ends and frizzy hair due to damaging the cuticle. The best way to towel dry your hair is to first shake out the excess water. Instead of rubbing your hair with your towel, just gently stroke it in the direction that it grows. In other words, don’t go against the grain. It may take a bit longer for your hair to dry, but after a while you’ll definitely notice a difference in the way your hair looks.

Use the right tools

It’s never a good idea to use a brush on wet hair—reach for a comb instead. Preferably use a wide-toothed comb that can work through any tangles that you may have. It’s also important to be gentle, this is not the time to be rough and tough. We don’t rip out our tangles, we work through them. Get yourself a wide-toothed comb or borrow one from the lady in your life. She is sure to have a few.

Stay trim

The best looking hair is always the hair that is freshly trimmed. The only real way to repair damaged hair is to remove any sections that may be damaged. By trimming your hair on a regular basis, you can help eliminate split ends and potential frizz. Even if you’re in between looks and are going for a longer hair style, keep it trimmed. About every six weeks should do it.

Be cool

We all love to take a hot, steamy shower, but this is not the best thing for hair. When the water is too hot, it can strip the essential oils from your hair and scalp. This leads to dryness, which can lead to an itchy scalp, which can leave your hair looking lackluster. It’s a chain reaction, gentlemen. Keep your shower water at a nice, comfortable warm temperature and keep those essential oils protected.

Choose a good shampoo and conditioner

There’s a big difference in comparing shampoos and conditioners out there on the market. Gentlemen, there are so many options available that can provide you with the benefits that you’re looking for. There are products to strengthen, thicken, moisturize, straighten your hair, and products to keep curls curly. Don’t simply reach for the cheapest bottle you can find. I like to recommend sulfate-free shampoos, as they are less drying on your hair and scalp. If you dye your hair, they’re definitely kinder to your color.

I also love Aloe Vera in my shampoo and conditioner. Everyone can benefit from some added moisture, and Aloe has great hydrating properties. Remember, our hair is most prone to frizzing when it’s dry. A good hydrating conditioner can make a world of difference. Now is not the time to pinch your pennies, gentlemen. Invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner right away for the sake of your hair.