Tips to hide fine lines

Tips to hide fine lines

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Aging can take a toll on our skin and we must find ways to defend ourselves as best we can. Here are 8 easy ways to get skin looking great.

Fine lines and wrinkles. I have one thing to say about them, YUCK! OK, so it’s inevitable that as we begin to age our skin changes. Our collagen and elastin are compromised, our hormones get a bit wacky and don’t get me started on the effects of gravity. Unfortunately, aging can take a toll on our skin and we must find ways to defend ourselves as best we can. When it comes to wrinkles, we need to do everything we can to minimize their appearance. After all who doesn’t strive for a more youthful appearance?

Do you remember the very first time you noticed a tiny little crease in your skin? I sure do. The shock factor is right up there with the first time I noticed a grey hair. I think that when we are younger we believe that the signs of aging will “never happen to us”. But, they do and it’s o.k. Wrinkles can definitely zap our self-confidence if we let them. So let’s do something about them. First and foremost, think of them as smile lines or expression lines— that definitely helps take the edge off.


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Let’s explore some top tips to help camouflage those wrinkles once and for all.

Skin Care 1st – Camouflage 2nd

Prevention is key when it comes to our skin. But, for many of us that ship may have sailed. So it’s time to correct some of the signs of skin damage the best we can. And that starts with a good skin care regimen. It’s even more important than makeup when it comes to camouflaging our wrinkles and other imperfections. The truth is, if your skin is at its best, you will notice that you need less makeup. Cleansing, moisturizing, eye creams, wearing SPF are all steps we must take to ensure the best-looking skin. (And this is a short list.) In addition to the basics, we also need to exfoliate our skin to keep it looking smooth and polished. There’s nothing like some good old dead skin cell build up to make those wrinkles just jump off of your face. Look for antioxidant enriched skin care products that include Vitamins A and C to help get your skin in tip top shape.

Hydrate that Skin

As we age our hormones can cause our skin to become a bit dryer. When our skin is dry, boy oh boy, do those little fine lines and wrinkles stand out! By keeping your skin moisturized, both day and night, you can really improve your skin’s appearance by giving it the hydration it needs. The added hydration helps to plump your skin. So, drink up to keep hydrated on the inside and keep your skin moisturized. And, don’t limit hydration to just the face. Remember, your hands and neck can be a dead giveaway to your “real” age.

Take it Easy with the Anti-Aging Products

The last thing you want to do for your skin is hop on every latest trend in the world of anti-aging skin care. Focus on a LINE of products or a specific regimen or program with consistent ingredients. You definitely want your skin care products to work with each other for the best results. If you are mixing and matching too many different products and ingredients, your skin may become irritated. And this irritation will only make your wrinkles more visible.

Purchase a Primer

I’ll admit, I was late to the game when it came to using makeup primer. But, I can now say that they make a huge difference when used as a base before applying makeup. Follow your normal skin care regimen and then add a primer to your skin just after your moisturizer. Silicone based primers are good for helping to fill in the little skin imperfections such as fine lines and uneven texture. When it’s time to start applying your makeup you will notice that your foundation goes on much smoother and easier as a result. The simple cushion that primer creates in your fine lines and wrinkles can help prevent your makeup for settling into the lines and drawing more attention to them. It’s a must have.

Lighten up on the Foundation

We tend to think that we need to cover up our wrinkles to truly camouflage them. But, unfortunately this doesn’t work it actually makes them look even worse. Instead of using a heavy foundation on your skin look for products that are hydrating and sheer. I opt for a nice tinted moisturizer for my skin. They do provide lighter coverage but they won’t settle into your lines giving you that “cracked” appearance.

Take a good look at your skin. You will probably realize that you don’t need foundation or tinted moisturizer everywhere. So use these products sparingly and only apply to those areas of the face that really need a bit of covering up. If you think you need a bit more coverage just lightly pat on a bit of concealer to those dark or red spots. And remember; go a bit darker in your shade as lighter shades of foundation can highlight the wrinkles instead of camouflaging them.

Put away the Powder

It is true that a light dusting of loose powder can set your makeup fabulously. But, powder can act like a magnifying glass to your lines if you aren’t careful. I personally like powders that contain illuminating properties that will reflect the light to help diminish any skin imperfections. But, try to look for opportunities to trade out your powders for creams for a more natural look that will help to camouflage those wrinkles. Think creamy blush (yes, your cheeks can have lines and wrinkles too) and eye shadow in lieu of powder. And if using powder is a must for you then use it sparingly. Powder your nose and your chin and leave it at that.

Shift the focus

I’m a firm believer in using in a bit of “smoke and mirror” tactics when it comes to camouflaging my fine lines and wrinkles. It’s all about distracting the eye and shifting the focus onto something else besides the imperfections. One way to achieve this is to pay a bit more attention to the eyes. Choose a nice matte shadow that is on the neutral color side. Apply a lighter, neutral shade to your eye lids and look for those softer neutral shades for your crease to make your true eye color POP. Anything too shimmery can draw too much attention to fine lines. The truth is that any kind of heavy eye makeup can age you tremendously. Avoid applying heavy eyeliner to your upper lids by going a bit softer in shade and application. Do the same under your lower lids if you must use eyeliner there. Just keep it simple and let your eyes shine, not your crow’s feet.

Avoid the smudge

Does it seem like you are always trying to keep the color ON your lips and off of your skin? Bleeding lipstick is the worst attention grabber for fine lines around the mouth. Choose a good lip pencil to line your lips. Look for pencils that are creamy in texture and that have a color-stay or color-lasting quality. Make sure your liner matches yours lip color for the most natural and elegant look. Once you have lined your lips apply a bit of lip color. Use your finger so you can gently pat the color onto your lip and control the application. This should keep the color and the attention on your perfect pout and NOT on those pesky little lines.

I spend a lot of time looking for new ways to help camouflage my skin imperfections. If you have a special trick to share, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. I do believe that little fine lines and wrinkles, aka expression lines, do give us character and lend to our beauty. BUT…a little goes a long way, and if we can take a few simple steps to help preserve our youthful appearance, then why not?