Top Questions on Aging

Top Questions on Aging

Aging is complicated and all the new products claiming to be “anti-aging” aren’t helping any. Read these Aging FAQs to learn more about aging and what you can control (and what you can’t). Follow the links for more information.

What is Aging?

Aging, we are doing it all the time and yet scientists really don’t know that much about what is happening in our bodies as we age and why. More importantly, researchers are just now beginning to look at the question, “What can we do to stop or slow aging?” By understanding the theories about aging, you’ll be able to listen to new research and know if something is out there you should be doing to slow your own aging.

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Are There Secrets of Aging?

From the Fountain of Youth to legends about the Japanese, there are hundreds of stories about secret medicines and secret places that help someone live a long and health life. The good news is that some truth is behind at least some of these aging secrets.

Can Aging Be Stopped?

Some people believe that, within our lifetimes, aging will be stopped and that people will live for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Others think that the best we can do is live nice, long, disease-free lives. What is the first group was right? Is any truth behind those claims? Is it possible to stop aging?

Can Food Slow Aging?

Food may be your best bet when it comes to anti-aging and longevity. Every day, more and more foods claim to have anti-aging properties. These claims are loosely based on nutrition research, but does anyone really know if they will make you live longer? Find out what foods can help keep your body young and which ones are just hype.

Can Exercise Slow Aging?

Exercise is a great way to keep your body feeling energized and younger. A lot of “feeling old” after all, has to do with the energy we have. Not only that, but studies show that frequent exercise can actually make your cells younger. But how much exercise do you really need?

Does Aging Have to Make Me Look Old?

Well, that depends. A lot of appearance aging depends on what you have done with your body (especially your skin) and how good of care you have taken. Of course, tones of anti-aging skin care products are out there. Some work and some are a waste of money. Learn the basics of keeping your skin (and yourself) looking young.

Does Aging Have to Be Bad?

Our culture says, in essence, “Youth good, aging bad.” But that is so wrong. Sure, as we age, we may gradually lose some aspects of physical health, but much more is to be gained by a well used year of life.