Ways to survive the most common beauty mishaps

Ways to survive the most common beauty mishaps

Beauty emergencies happen. That’s why today I’m sharing my top beauty secrets with you.

When you’re on the go, you need to think quickly and creatively when a beauty mishap occurs. Though not every situation has a quick fix, you can sure give it a try. Here are my top beauty secrets that have helped me in past dilemmas, and will hopefully help you, too.

Avoid smudged eyeliner

Avoid smudged eyeliner easily. After you have applied your gel or liquid liner, go over it with a matching powder eye shadow. The eye shadow will help seal the eyeliner so it will last through the day (or night) without smudging. Just be sure to take it all off before you go to sleep at night.

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Hide a bad hair day

Are your roots really noticeable today? Try a zigzag part to help camouflage. Root concealers work great, but if you don’t have any, find an eye shadow in your cosmetic bag that’s close to our hair shade and lightly power up those roots so they aren’t so obvious. Experiencing fly-aways and static? Grab an anti-static dryer sheet and lightly rub across your hair to help tame the frizz. Humidity causing hair to go wild? Rub a bit of hand cream into your palms and lightly pull through hair. This will weigh down hair and calm the fly-aways.

Remove a deodorant smudge on dark clothes

A deodorant mark is never a good look, but you don’t need to spend the day feeling self-conscious or change your perfect outfit. Grab a pair of nylons and rub them on the mark. Nylon is perfect on delicate fabrics like silk and will quickly remove the smudge. No nylons? Try baby-wipes or simply dampen a clean cloth and gently scrub away the stain.

Repair a torn hem

Have you ever been out at a social event and suddenly realized that you have a torn hem? To get the job done, you can use pins, or my personal favorite––durable tape. Staples can even work as a fast fix. If you have time, color them in with permanent pen to camouflage your DIY hem fix.

Make your manicure last longer

If you have a chip in your French manicure, use a correction pen to fill it in on the go. Noticeable nail growth? Swipe a light coat of contrasting polish, gold or sparkles work great, at the nail beds and lightly feather up. No one will ever know you haven’t had time to go to the salon. Snag your nail at a dinner date? Ask the bartender for a book of matches. The strike pad is an excellent substitute for a nail file.

Unstick a stuck zipper

What do you do when your zipper sticks? Just apply a bit of soap along the zipper––bar, foam, liquid, whatever you can get your hands on. Use sparingly, and with a little wiggle it should do the trick.

Rid your clothes of wrinkles

This is common when traveling and living out of a suitcase. But what can you do when you don’t have an iron handy? Use your hair appliances. A flat iron or straighteners can be a quick fix for getting wrinkles out of clothing. This won’t work for every kind of wrinkle, but it can be a quick fix for small ones. Always start with the lowest setting on the flat iron. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth to remove any leftover hair products, gently place the wrinkle between the flats of the iron and hold it for a second or two. Works like a charm.

Now that you have these beauty secrets in your back pocket, you’ll be better prepared to deal with life’s beauty mishaps.

Prevent green stains from costume jewelry

Before you wear any rings, paint the inside of the ring band with clear nail polish. Let it dry––and voila. This beauty secret also works on necklaces and bracelets. You just need to seal the metal before wearing them.