5 Style Tips for Fit Men

You would think muscular men have it made.

They have an envious physique, live a healthy lifestyle.

Seems like everything is going for them……

Well, not everything.


In particular FIT.

Very few brands cater to muscular men – in fact if you take care of you body you’ll find most clothes are made to fit you with way too much excess fabric around the waist and too tight in the hips and thighs.

If you are a powerlifter or bodybuilder you know what I’m talking about.

It can be tough finding an outfit that isn’t too tight that you feel you’re going to bust the seems or so loose it makes you look overweight (despite being in GREAT shape).

Before declaring your situation hopeless – take 5 minutes to hear what I have to say.

Here are 5 tips that you can take action on right away to improve your style.

#1 Tailors Are The Muscular Men’s Friends

Having a tailor on speed dial is critical for the muscular man.

Build a solid relationship with your tailor as you’ll only benefit from this friendship.

5 Style Tips for Fit Men

5 Style Tips for Fit Men

As far as the muscular man is concerned,most of the clothing you purchase off the rack isn’t going to fit you properly.

As a result you will need to get your clothing adjusted to accommodate your specific body type.

Before you take your clothing to a tailor you first must determine what your pain points are.

For many bodybuilders, shoulders, chest and legs are where they have the most difficulty finding clothing that fits them right. Once you have this figured out your tailor will work with you and adjust your clothing accordingly.

An even better option if your budget permits is to use a bespoke service.  As you can imaging this can be pricey, however if your image is important you should find ways to justify the expense as nothing will fit you better.

Dwayne Johnson#2 Size Down

This tip is a scary one for the muscular man to consider but hear me out.

You may think that that your clothing will be too tight by going a size down but you are only hurting yourself if you get garments that are too large.

Instead, pick clothing that fits great in some areas while being tighter on your pain points.Take your new clothing to your tailor to see if you can have these specific areas adjusted and opened up.

This point is closely tied to number one offering some ammunition confirming what a good relationship with your tailor can do for you.  At a worst case, you can always return your clothing and continue your search.

#3 Find Your Brand

Would you like a quick win pertaining to your style?

This is as close as it gets.

All clothing brands treat their sizing differently and this can result in a completely different fit.

Brands do this to cater to a specific demographic, location or style.

This means many options for you.

I suggest you go to a large mall in your area and try on clothing from as many brands as you can.

This can be tedious for some men but once you find a brand that closely matches your body type you can be sure there’s a good chance other clothing from that company will fit you.

Once a good fit is found, you will eliminate the most time consuming part of future clothing purchases.

Muscular Man in Suit#4 Muscular Men Seek Proportion In Clothing

One of the rules in men’s style is that balance is key.

It seems this statement was made specifically for the muscular man.

Wearing clothing that highlights your chest or legs may seem like a flattering thing to do but you may be putting way too much emphasis on those areas.

Instead, look to create proportion by using the following tactics:

  • For men with large chests – Wear trousers that have some flow and room to them. Avoid skinny jeans at all costs.  Wear unstructured jackets and select lightweight fabrics that can layer but not bunch and create folds.  Avoid the temptation to have too much waist suppression – which can be hard when you buy custom and have a 8-10 inch drop!
  • For men with big legs –  A less fitted shirt will provide some balance.  Also a jacket with structure and neckwear that draws the eye upwards. For a one-two punch, wear a shirt with a pattern that draw attention to your upper torso.

Channing Tatum#5 Experiment

Men have a tendency to stick with a certain style for the long run.

In many situations that’s ok.

Except when you are doing it wrong.

If you feel less than confident in your existing look feel free to experiment a little.

Try on some new types of clothing you never thought of wearing before. Wear jeans all the time? Try a pair of dress pants. Always wearing ribbed t-shirts? Give casual dress shirts a shot.

The more you try the better you will understand what fits you best.

In conclusion – a muscular man can live the lifestyle he wants while looking sharp in the process.

Source: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/5-tips-muscular-man/