Create Healthy Habits for Fitness

Create Healthy Habits for Fitness

Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with creating healthy habits for yourself. Here are some tips on how you can do exactly that.

The best way to create a healthy habit is to look first at how your brain processes information to create any habit. Then use that knowledge to your advantage. For example, many fast food companies use your senses to get you attracted to their products. Advertising stimulates your senses in ways to make what’s offered appear to be more attractive. And it works. Using your senses of vision, taste, smell and hearing can help you create a positive association with a certain food or behavior. So, why not use this knowledge to create a positive feeling about exercise and healthy eating?

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How to Create Healthy Fitness Habits

Play Music to Enhance Your Mood

The music you listen to during your workout can impact how you feel and how hard you work. Be sure to pick your favorite upbeat tunes for those difficult workouts where you know you need some extra motivation. When you wish to exercise at a steady pace, playing music that’s inspiring and sets the pace can help you stay on track. When stretching and doing yoga, playing music that’s slow can help to reduce stress.

Get Outside

Exercising in beautiful outdoor surroundings is a great way to enjoy being more active. Many people find that what was supposed to be a quick 20-minute walk becomes much longer when they’re enjoying their environment. What is visually appealing differs for each individual. Some enjoy the mountains and fields, while others feel alive in the busy city streets. It’s important to know what setting you prefer and create a routine around it.

Set Up an Exercise Space

If you plan on exercising at home, you can create an exercise space by simply placing a mat on the floor. Get into the habit of using the same space in your home for exercise each day. When you have a designated space, it allows you to focus and concentrate on your routine. Clearing an area around your mat will allow you to move freely; a less cluttered space can help you to feel less stressed overall.

Prepare Beautiful Food

Take time and care to create beautiful, colorful, visually appealing meals and snacks. If, for instance, your favorite color is red, adding peppers, strawberries or red apples to your snacks will make you drawn to them. We always feel much happier to eat food that looks good, which is why we’re often drawn toward beautifully decorated cakes. Quite often the healthy options don’t necessarily look all that stimulating. But with a little creativity and time you can prepare good looking, healthy meals.

Whip Up a Flavorful Exercise Drink

Get yourself into the good habit of staying hydrated while you exercise. Prepare a nice bottle filled with something you enjoy to help you look forward to your exercise routine. Be sure to choose your beverage wisely, as you don’t want to overdo the sugars and calories. An electrolyte drink that’s water-infused with your favorite fruits or a low-sugar sports drink are some good choices.

Be Creative Inside

If exercising outside is not possible for you, work out close to a window so you can look outside. If watching people exercising in the gym motivates you to work harder, choose the cardio machine that faces the gym floor. During your next workout, think about how what you see impacts your energy level.

Use Scents to Influence Your Mood

When you think of exercise, I’m pretty sure the smell that comes to mind is sweaty socks and a musty gym bag. That’s probably not the great motivation you’re looking for. Gather some scents that help you boost your mood and energy level. Choosing a particular scent that you associate with exercise is a great way to establish a healthy habit. The smell of lavender, for instance, is very calming and soothing. A perfect way to get into a calm state of mind is to use a lavender scent before doing yoga.

If you need to perk up, a good energizing scent to use is peppermint. Peppermint oil is inexpensive and great to smell when you’re feeling tired. Lemon has an uplifting and refreshing scent, so it’s perfect for your pre-workout routine.