How to Simply Feel Beautiful

How to Simply Feel Beautiful

Ever had a day where you know you look the same as the day before, but for some reason you just don’t feel beautiful? Here are some things you can do to feel gorgeous again.

We’ve all had those days when we’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, gone to look in the mirror and just wanted to hide from the world. Even though we probably look the same as every other day, we just don’t feel beautiful.

It’s not as though anything drastic happened to our looks overnight—which goes to show that feeling beautiful is a state of mind. Here are a few ways to get into the mindset of feeling gorgeous, even on the worst of days.

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Stop the Comparisons

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and all too easy to fall into the trap of seeing how we measure up to others, but it does nothing for our self-confidence. Every person is a unique individual, and you have positive assets that others may feel they lack. The best way to feel beautiful is to view yourself as an individual, not as one person in comparison to another.


An instant mood-booster, and another way to look beautiful, is to smile. Don’t believe me? Just try putting a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like it, and tell me how you feel. In addition to its mood-boosting benefits, it’s been said that smiling makes a person look and feel beautiful. When a person smiles, it causes others to perceive them as more attractive. Talk about an easy way to look better!

Confidence is Essential

It may sound cliché, but the key to making yourself feel beautiful on any given day is confidence. Confidence is the reason that some people always manage to be the center of attention, regardless of what they look like.

And it’s something you can use to your advantage. If you want to look the part, you need to act it, so banish negative thoughts and start giving yourself positive reassurances throughout the day. Focus on the attributes you really like about yourself, and dismiss any negative thoughts about your looks that may cross your mind.

Try a New Look

Sometimes we’re just stuck in a beauty rut, which can contribute to not feeling beautiful. Why not change things up with a fun makeover? Reinventing your look could provide excitement and the change you need to get out of your rut and feel beautiful again. Switching it up with a new haircut, wardrobe or cosmetics could be just the change you need.

I have seen some people who are stuck in past decades, because they’re set in their ways or lack the confidence to change things up. But we live in a modern world, and it’s important to act like it. Embrace a style that feels good, and remember to freshen it up with a new color or cut (of clothes or hair). You’ll gain confidence knowing you look great, and you’ll face the world beautifully.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes you just need a good pampering session to feel beautiful. When you’re feeling tired, stressed or anxious, you probably won’t be feeling your most beautiful. Try taking a break, whether for an hour or a whole day, to get back in touch with your true self.

If you’re in a relaxed state of mind, you’re more likely to have positive feelings toward yourself. You can try any relaxing activity, whether it’s an afternoon out at the park (with sunscreen, of course), visiting the salon or purchasing a new outfit. My personal favorite is getting my hair done—it works like a charm on those days I don’t feel beautiful.

Watch Your Posture

The way you sit and stand says a lot about the way you think of yourself. Those with good posture signal to the world that they feel confident and beautiful with non-verbal communication cues. Even if you don’t feel beautiful, sitting or standing tall with your shoulders back will radiate your self-assurance to the outside world. Every time you catch yourself slouching over, take a few seconds to correct your posture. You should feel more poised, confident and maybe even beautiful.