Poor posture can easily be corrected

Poor posture can easily be corrected

Some causes of poor posture include: slouching in a chair, hunching your back, improper understanding of correct posture, leading a sedentary lifestyle, not having an exercise routine, poor core stability, and looking down at your computer and/or cell phone for extended periods of time. However, poor posture can easily be corrected.

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Simple exercises to improve your posture

Poor posture can lead to serious neck pain and muscular imbalance. To correct this, we must activate our weak muscles while stretching our tight muscles.

1 – Reverse Plank Bridge

The Reverse Plank Bridge activates specific muscles while stretching key muscles like your pectoral muscles and the muscles in your neck. This exercise requires the following:

  1. Keep your arms straight and pull your shoulders back.
  2. Bring your shoulder blades together.
  3. Tuck your chin.
  4. Push your chest up and extend your spine.
  5. Your fingers can be pointed forward or backward.
2 – Arch Up

The Arch Up exercise consists of three movements. All three movements require you to tuck your chin and do an external rotation of your arms (thumbs should go upward).

  1. Shoulder flexion. Push your arms and shoulder blades upwards and try to raise your arms as high as possible without bending them.
  2. Horizontal abduction. Lift your arms as high as possible to the side and try to bring your shoulder blades together.
  3. Shoulder extension. Push your arms upwards (thumbs up) and lift them as high as possible.
3 – Plank

Planking is one of the simplest exercises that give you plenty of health benefits. Planking can improve your posture if done correctly. When doing the plank exercise, be sure to keep your legs straight, don’t allow your lower back to sink, and make sure you are looking down at the floor.

4 – Posture Belt

Another way to fix your posture, especially your back posture, is to wear a posture belt. Wearing one during the first few hours of morning is good practice.The following steps were outlined by Pranayoga.

  1. Place the strap over your upper back and hold the ends in each hand.
  2. Drape each end of the strap over its respective shoulder.
  3. Cross the strap in the back holding one end in each hand.
  4. Pull the straps so that you feel it in your trapezius muscles and secure the ends at the front.
5 – Wall Angels

This exercise is a simple way to test your posture. To do this exercise, simply lean back against the wall and lift your arms up and down (think of lying down in the snow and creating “snow angels”).

Make sure your rear is touching the wall and your back is flat against the wall.

6 – Text Neck

Lastly, this exercise will help you prevent bad posture, and it’s easy to do several times during the day. The exercise is simply to stop looking down at your phone. Obviously, we are not going to stop using our phones anytime soon, so a solution is this: bring your phone to you at eye level.